filmforfems | Hollywood moviee “The Martian” 20 15 is a moviegenre of action and adventure. This movie is based on the best selling novel by Andy Weir’s The Martian and this film will release on October 2, 2015, The Martian is a film produced by 20 th Century Fox and directed by Ridley Scott, also co starring actor reliable include Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Kristen Wiig, Sebastian Stan and Sean Bean.


Synopsis Movies “The Martian (20 15)”

Action film ‘The Martian’ tells the story of a big plan or mission the astronauts to fly to the planet Mars, the plans they’ve arranged neatly and they began to fly to Mars. Sempainya on Mars that all the astronauts carry out its mission very carefully, until one day there came a huge storm hit Mark Watney (Matt Damon) and his crew.

Finally a very terrible storm began to subside, and the crew discovered that Mark was unconscious, they assume that Mark had died after terhatam the terrible storm. The Mark decided to leave alone on the planet Mars. After a while on leave crews who thought he died, apparently Mark awakened himself, he finds himself alone on the planet terdapar. and there is no other way than to survive the rest of the remaining provision of the very few. Mark also had to use the ingenuity is also the spirit to survive and had to think hard so that he could find a way of sending a signal to Earth to show that he is still alive.

He continued to struggle even though thousands of millions of miles away in order to signal that in kiring Mark can reach the Earth. NASA and an international team of scientists working together to bring Mark to return back to Earth, the team must do everything possible so he returned to earth safely, if not a rescue mission would fail.

The Martian Movie Trailer (2015)

Cast and Crew Film Details The Martian (2015)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Producer: Mark Huffam, Simon Kinberg, Michael Schaefer, Ridley Scott, Aditya Sood
Director: Ridley Scott
Author: Drew Goddard
Actor :
Kate Mara as (Beth Johanssen)
Jessica Chastain as (Melissa Lewis)
Matt Damon as (Mark Watney)
Kristen Wiig as (Annie Montrose)
Sebastian Stan as (Chris Beck)
Sean Bean as (Mitch Henderson)
Sam Spruell as (NASA psychologist)
Mackenzie Davis as (Mindy Park)
Jeff Daniels as (Teddy Sanders)

Production: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: October 2, 2015
Country: USA
MPPA Rating: R13 +

Duration: 141 Minutes

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