FALLEN is a Movies Drama, Fantasy, 2016. The latest Hollywood adventure film is directed by a director named by Scott Hicks, who adapted based on a novel by Lauren Kate’s book, with the name of the same title. Romantic drama film was originally planned to be released in fall 2015 ago, however, the news was confirmed by Lauren Kate, which will be released at the end of 20 16.



Lotus Fallen Moviess Entertainment will distribute this movies
was released on November 10 in Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia, confirmed by the author of the book, Lauren Kate. It is still unknown when the film will be released in the United States, Indonesia, UK, and Australia. The film is produced by Lotus Entertainment Film Production House, Apex Entertainment, Mayhem Pictures. The film has a long duration of about 1 hour 31 minutes. In some countries the film is also known by another title, namely in countries Germany titled “Fallen – Engelsnacht”, and in the state of Mexico, entitled “Oscuros”.


As for the movie player that will contribute brperan and play in the movie, some of them like Lola Kirke role as Penn, Addison Timlin role as Lucinda Price, Joely Richardson acted as Ms Sophia, Jeremy Irvine role as Daniel Grigori, Malachi Kirby serves as Roland , Hermione Corfield role as Gabrielle Givens, Juliet Aubrey role as Doreen Price, Sianoa Smit-McPhee plays a role as Molly Zane, Daisy Head serves as Arriane Alter, Harrison Gilbertson role as Cam Briel, and Elliot Levey role as Ethan Watkins.

Film Synopsis Fallen (20 16)


The Movies will focus on the life of Lucinda Price (played by Addison Timlin), he was a teenage girl who was aged 17 years, who have a normal life, until he was vilified for a crime that never Lucinda did. Luce required to attend school at Sword & Cross, as an alternative to punishment for not in prison, which is an academy that is specially intended for offenders under age.

In these schools, Lucinda attention focused on two students very mysterious, especially after he felt a very strong sense of attachment to them both. As time goes by Lucinda began to know the identity of the mysterious man, the second young man was an angel which had loved him since hundreds of years ago. And now Lucinda should be able to make a difficult choice in their life, in which he will determine his true love between them. As to whether the fun story? And Lucinda would find true love? Discover the answer with its Full Movie watch your favorite theaters.

there are some websites to watch movies online “Fallen”, Trailer Fallen 2016



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